Make Math Fun!

Children are curious , they pay the most attention to the things they find to be the most interesting.  Why try and force a child to learn numbers with worksheets and books when you can create fun activities to make learning arithmetic fun! Here is a fun way to incorporate math into a game children will enjoy! This activity does include candy but a good alternative to candy could be colorful beads that could be made into a bracelet or necklace instead of being eaten.

Rainbow Sort

What you need:

Small bag of multicolored candy for every group of children/child. 


What you Do:

  1. Prepare the bags of candy by cutting them open and sealing them with a clip to make it easy for the children to dump out.
  2. Separate the children into groups (if with multiple children)
  3. Give the children the bags of candy and paper plates, remind them not to eat the candy because they are scientists who are examining the candy.
  4. Explain what “sorting” means and ask questions about things they sort or have sorted like socks, toys, shells from the beach etc.. 
  5. Have the kids pour of their bags and ask how would be the best way to sort the candy would be and why. (Color is the only visible difference)
  6. Have the kids sort out their candy, encourage them to discuss why they are putting certain pieces into certain places
  7. After the kids have sorted the candy, record the finding on a chart for the child to hang up. 

NOTE: If using this activity with many kids do not let them eat the candy they sorted but instead have a separate bag of candy for the child that is safe and sanitary to eat. 




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